“Swarn Shatabdi” Granted To The Farmer As A Compensation For His Acquired Land

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This is one of the  rarest of the rare cases where a 45-year old Ludhiana based farmer becomes the owner of a Swarn Shatabdi train that runs between New Delhi and Amritsar. Sampuran Singh approached the court seeking reimbursement for his land acquired by the Northern Railway back in 2007. What he got in return was a big surprise for him.

In 2007, his land was taken by the Northern Railway for the Ludhiana- Chandigarh railway line. In 2015 the court ordered the compensation of ₹ 50 Lakh per acre, thereby entitling Sampuran Singh with ₹1.47 crore. Despite that the railways gave him only ₹42 lakh.

Now since he didn’t received what he was promised, he filed an appeal for his compensation.

In this unparalleled order, district court judge Jaspal Verma attached the train (12030) and the office of station master at the Ludhiana station, thus giving it officially to the discontented farmer. Finally, this train became the legal property of Sampuran Singh who lives in Katana.

swarn shatabdi, ludhiana, farmer, compensation, owner, land, punjab, india,
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He along with his advocate, Rakesh Gandhi reached and hour before the train was to arrive at the station and handed the court orders to the driver at 6:55 pm on Wednesday. The train was released on superdari, thereby making it property of the court as of now. This incident lasted 5 minutes. Sampuran Singh didn’t stopped the train as it would be inconvenient and troublesome for the passengers travelling in it.

The divisional railway manager Anuj Parkash sarcastically asked, “what will the petitioner do with a 300 metre long train? Can he take it home?” Ofcourse not.


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