The Wine Company Releases The CCTV Footage To Defend Themselves, And It Will Change Your Perception

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Recently, The wine company was blamed for using unnecessary violence against its customers when they refused to leave the restaurant. FIR was filed against the bouncers and the restaurant was defamed in social media.

Pictures of the wounded victims was released which made us question the logicality of the attack by the bouncers. But, it turns even though the attack might have been excessive, Bouncers are not to be blamed for initiating the brawl.

The video released by The wine company specifically shows the Trio- Rahul, Ishant and Siddharth pushing and attacking the wine sommelier of The wine company after they were refused to be served.

Restaurant has released a statement explaining the matter and their intent to cooperate with the police.

” We would like to place on record the facts that led to the unfortunate incident on Monday, March 27, 2017 at The Wine Company. 

At the outset, we would like to state that we do not accept violence as a solution to any conflict. As front runners in the service industry we did not wish to vilify guests at our restaurant and hence, have refrained from commenting on the matter until now. Furthermore, as there have been many versions of the incidents being circulated online, we feel that it is time to share the truth.  

We have thoroughly investigated the matter and examined all CCTV footage in the restaurant and directly outside the outlet. At approximately 1030 pm Mr, Ishant Agarwal, Mr. Siddharth Choudhary and Mr. Rahul Lakshman, entered our outlet and placed their first orders. They continued to place orders for whisky’s and had consumed excessive amounts of alcohol between the three of them until last order at 1230 am. At approximately 1250 am, Mr. Lakshman asked our employee, for more alcohol at which point they were informed that we would be unable to serve them as licensing hours had drawn to a close and the restaurant was shutting for the evening. On hearing this, the customers began misbehaving with our staff, continuing to request for service of alcohol. Our wine sommelier, who started reasoning with them, was then abused verbally, pushed across the restaurant and struck repeatedly without provocation.  

At this point, the two bouncers, intervened to escort the guests out of the restaurant. As the three were extremely drunk and unruly, the two bouncers were helped by other staff, while the guests continued to fight with the staff and shout verbal abuses. The 3 customers during their drunken rant, kept proclaiming that they were extremely well connected, had VIP friends and would ” destroy” the restaurant within hours. Once outside the premises of the restaurant, the three picked fights with passer-by’s and were injured in the subsequent scuffle.

It was our manager who called the police as soon as the guests were out of the restaurant, with us filing a complaint against the guests. CCTV footage, inside the restaurant and outside, clearly bears out the fact that the customers physically assaulted our staff and in their drunken stupor picked up a brawl outside the restaurant premises with passerbys. 

We are co-operating with the authorities and will not hesitate in taking stringent action, including dismissal from service, if any staff member is found culpable. At The Wine Company, guest service and safety is always at the forefront and our staff is trained to ensure the same. However, we do not accept any inappropriate behaviour towards our staff who graciously serve customers until the wee hours of the night. We apologize to any patrons if our staff has been rude or have misbehaved, but would also request our patrons to respect our service staff. We take full responsibility of our staff actions and While law takes its just course, we at The Wine Company seek your valued patronage and support.



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Although its too soon to pass the judgement, we can only hope the matter will be solved soon and indictable will be punished.


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