India’s First Air Condition Autorickshaw RE60 Launched


Till date, we were travelling in a an autorickshaw which was three wheeler, have a soft roof and no doors. But if i tell you, the next generation autorickshaw is here.

It’s got four wheels and seat belts, but Bajaj Auto, the creator of India’s first quadricycle, but rather didn’t call it a car.

“In every market that a three-wheeler is available the quadricycle should be relevant,” Bajaj said.

“Because at the end of the day it provides a very logical upgrade from a three-wheeler for people who want to pay a little more and want to have the comfort and safety of four wheels, four doors, a roof and seatbelts,” he said.

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The RE60 is part of a long-term expansion strategy by Bajaj to boost sales growth at home and abroad.

It is Safer But Not Cheaper

The RE60 weighs about 400 Kilograms , 100 Kilograms more than the three wheeler Autorickshaw and half the weight of a small Hatchback car.

The price is to be nearly about Rs. 200000/- but not more than Rs. 270000/- for India’s bestselling car, the Maruti Alto hatchback.

Bajaj spent Rs 550 crore developing the vehicle, according to media reports. The company can initially make up to 5,000 vehicles a month and has been waiting for two years to get them on India’s roads.

Analysts said quadricycles are likely to have broader appeal than the autorickshaws.

“Specifically, in cities in the next three to four years it could replace the three-wheeler, primarily because it provides better safety, as well as comfort as well as better fuel efficiency when compared to three-wheelers,” said Nitesh Sharma, an analyst with brokerage Espirito Santo Securities.


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